Down To Zero!

Title of Song: Wanna Be
Date/year: June 7 , 1996.
Musician:The Spice Girls!
Why I like this song: I like this song , because it has a great beat. Its a fun song! Everyone likes to sing and dance to it. I remember at parties all the time people played this song.This song was released on the year I was born! I used to love the Spice Girls when I was a little girl!

Title: Kemp Stumps for the Votes of Minorities.
Date:August 29, 1996
Author: Frank Bruni

Summary of this article-
Jack Kemp went to the South Central side of the city to argue the point that tax cuts are making it harder for people to vote. He went down there to talk to a lot of african american and hispanic children him and a couple of people that were there with him were , were promoting "a new civil rights agenda." Kemp , had gone and informed a hispanic family. That there is no longer the same republican party. Its going to be all new. He wants their support. Its not right that only some African Americas can vote and when they do , they don't make a difference. Its not right. They went everyones votes. He started to spread this news and the word got around. Kemp had started to improve.

'There's only one race -- it's human,'' Mr. Kemp said. ''We are all brothers and sisters. And there's only one answer for this country on the eve of the 21st century. It is racial reconciliation.''

This was from my article. From Kemp his self. He wants the children to grow up and have there rights. No matter what race, everyone is the same. It shouldn't matter.

One day he was in the mall strip , he had stopped by the K-mart and Payless. He had spoke to the hispanic shoppers. He had told them , that if the hispanic and african american people will be able to vote. hispanic community , and the african american community will be better.