Lets take a trip back in time!

I was born on August 29th 1996.

10 years ago-1986

20 years ago-1976

30 years ago-1966
My Mom- Cheri
10 years ago-
Song-Papa Don't Preach
Artist- Madonna
Genre- Pop
Release date-6/30/1986

20 years ago-
Song-Philadelphia Freedom
Artist-Elton John
Release date-February 24, 1975

30 years ago-
Song-Suspicious Minds
Artist-Elvis Presley
Genre- Rock and Roll
Release date- August 26,1969
My mom chose Papa Don't Preach because she is a big Madonna fan.Philadelphia Freedom was chosen because she lives in Philadelphia and it was just cool that there was song about Philadelphia. She picked Suspicious minds because her dad had played this a lot and she began to like it a lot.
My Uncle- Vinny
10 years ago-
Song-Don't You Forget About Me
Artist-Simple Minds
Release Date-1985

20 years ago-
Song-Rich Girl
Artist-Hall& Oats
Release Date-1/01/1976

30 years ago-
Song-Paint It Black
Artist-The Rolling Stones
Genre- Rock
Release Date- May 13, 1966

My uncle had chose these 3 very different songs because they were hits at the time and all of his friends were listening to them. They were songs that everyone knew. From that he knew every word and liked to listen to them.

My Cousin- Laura
10 years ago-
Song-Girls just wanna have fun
Artist- Cyndi Lauper
Release Date-April 12, 1985

20 years ago-
Song-Killer Queen
Release Date-October 21, 1974

30 years ago-
Song-Keep Me Hanging On
Artist- The Supremes
Release Date-3/12/1966
Laura picked these 3 songs because she liked all of the beats in them. Especially Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. It made her and her friends want to dance and have fun!She also likes the lyrics in Keep Me Hanging On.

My dad-Frankie
10 years ago-
Song-You Be Illin'
Artist-Run DMC
Genre- Hip-Hop
Release Date-12/31/1985

20 years ago-
Song-More,more, more.
Artist-Andrea True
Release Date-August 26, 1976

30 years ago-
Artist- The Ventures
Genre-Instrumental Rock
Release Date-June 11, 1966

My dad liked the song You Be Illing, because it was a song that people could rap to, and he likes rap music. He liked the song More,More,More simply because it was big on the radio at the time and from hearing it so much, it started to grow on him. Last, he picked Wipe Out, because it was just a song that his mother listened to and he listened to it with her and began to like it.

My Articles!

This is my article for 1986!


This article explains Dr. Martin Luther King and The Southern Christian Leaderships' (SCLC) plans for the Chicago Freedom Movement. This plan was initiated because of the thousands of Negros who were forced to live in the ghetto or slum environment. Dr. Martin Luther King's plan was to lead a demonstration which was against all things unfair to African American people. During this time Albert Raby who was the Coordinating Council fo Community Organizations asked the SCLC to join in and with the leadership of Jesse Jackson they were going to put an end to unfair housing practices towards African Americans. Along the way they encountered riots which resulted in violence because the African American's felt that they were singled out for so long. Frustrating as it was, Dr. King fought hard, he was even struck by a rock. In the long run it looked like his hard work had payed off. Mayor Daley negotiated with Dr. King and the housing boards and the reached an agreement to build public housing with height requirements along with some other restrictions. It also allowed Negros to be given mortgages irregardless of their race. However, in March, 1967 Dr. King's held a press conference which stated that the public agencies had went back on their word and that the housing agreement fell through. Although they made some progress it looked like they were back where they started. They would have to continue their fight for years to come.

This is my article for 1976!


Black History Month!
In February of 1976 the President Gerald Ford decided to make a contribution to African Americans by acknowledging their lives and culture. Which he thought was important.This would create Black History Month. However in did not become national until 1986. Black history month is now celebrated everywhere and every year, thanks to him!

This is my article for 1968.

http://www.thepeoplehistory.com/august30th.htm l- Article

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thurgood_Marshall- The First African American Man.

First African American to join the Supreme Court!

This short article told us that the first African American had joined the Supreme Court. This mans name is Thurgood Marshall. He was born in Baltimore, Maryland on July 2nd 1908 and had died January 24th 1993. In 1930 he had applied to the University of MaryLand Law School. But he had gotten denied for being African American.But this horrible event turned out for the better. This had made him want to reach a better future and thats just what he did. In 1940, he had completed a winning for the Supreme Court. In 1954, he had won the case of the Brown v. BOE of Topeka. In 1967, he did it! He became the first African American in the U.S. Supreme Court. In 1991, that was when he had chose to retire. He had a really good life. He had accomplished many things.

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