Down to Zero

Identify a song that you like and that was released the year you were born. Describe an event from that specific birth date that influenced African American history.


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Drue B.
Title of Song: Wanna Be
Title of Article: Kemp Stumps for the Votes of Minorities
Roger B.
Title of Song: This is how we do it
Title of Article: In America; Problems of Parenting
Anthony B.
Title of Song: Big Me
Title of Article: Death - Butterfly McQueen
Tyler C.
Title of Song: Water Falls
Title of Article: For Black Women, a Movie Stirs Breathless Excitement
Nicholas D.
Title of Song: Change the World
Title of Article: BEYOND 'OTHER': A special report.;More Than Identity Rides On a New Racial Category
Teige D.
Title of Song: Aeroplane
Title of Article: Playing in the Neighborhood:A Christmas Classic Goes Afro-American
Sean F.
Title of Song: One Song Glory
Title of Article: Beating Was Racial Clash, Witnesses Tell Police
Lexus F.
Title of Song: They Don't Care About Us
Title of Article: Centuries of Writing by Blacks Distilled Into a Single Volume.
Dakota F.
Title of Song: The Distance
Title of Article: Immigrants Tell Their New York Stories
Matthew H.
Title of Song: Bulls on Parade
Title of Article: It's Money, Not Race, That Reigns in Hollywood
Dejah H.
Title of Song: Macarena
Title of Article: School district evaluates status of Black English
Robert J.
Title of Song: You are not Alone
Title of Article: On My Mind;The Swamp Of Hatred
Tamatha L.
Title of Song: Dreaming Of You
Title of Article: Several Blacks Sue Beverly Hills, Asserting Bias by the Police
Maria L.
Title of Song: Kiss form a Rose
Title of Article: Jews Shouldn't Meet With Farrakhan;Who Led '63 March
Raeven M.
Title of Song: You Are Not Alone
Title of Article: N/A
DeShawn M.
Title of Song: Elevators
Title of Article: Slave Artifacts Under the Hearth
Keith M.
Title of Song: Ah Drinka
Title of Article: The Christian Right Confesses Sins of Racism
Nicholas M.
Title of Song: Big Bang Baby
Title of Article: For Black Memorial, It's Build or Bust
Henry P.
Title of Song: You Are Not Alone
Title of Article: Black People Sue Police in Beverly Hills
Shannon P.
Title of Song:
Title of Article:
Goldie R.
Title of Song: Walking Contradiction
Title of Article: Sojourner's World
Sarena S.
Title of Song: Killing me Softly
Title of Article:
Dan Wolf, 80, a Village Voice Founder, Dies
Jalen S.
Title of Song: Runnin'
Title of Article:
Minority Legislative Candidates Pledge Loyalty to Electorate
Jonathan S.
Title of Song: Revelation
Title of Article:
Ellen T.
Title of Song: Get Down (You're the One for Me)
Title of Article: Black, Successful and Safe And Gone From Capital
Bach T.
Title of Song: Rape Me
Title of Article: Toni Morrison Is The '93 Winner Of Nobel Prize in Literature
Tina W.
Title of Song: Nobody Knows
Title of Article: Harvard Lures Scholar to Join a 'Dream Team' on Social Policy
Willie W.
Title of Song: Until it sleeps
Title of Article:
Music Review; Mixing Jazz, Ritual and Japanese Banjos
Taylor X.
Title of Song:
I Believe I Can Fly
Title of Article: African American Art Exhibit
Victoria Y.
Title of Song: Always Be My Baby
Title of Article: Black, Successful and Safe And Gone From Capital

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