Title of Song: Elevators
Date/year: 1996
Musician: Outkast
Why I like this song: I'm a big fan on deep bass music and it was nice to see how one of my favorite artistss was around when I was born. I never knew they were that far back.

Slave Artifacts Under the Hearth
Date: Aug. 23, 1996
Author: John Noble Wilford
Summary: Under a home in Annapolis, Maryland, there were slave artifacts. With the last owner being dead and long gone, the house when under research and archaeologists found things from the slaves that worked there. In the article it mentions that slaves religion and it's connection to Haiti's voodooism. Things found to support this brass pins, a piece of crab claw, a bone, and the legs and arms of a cloth doll. They were taking to be the certain rituals of Blacks in the past and seeing its effects of African American culture today.

'These things are definitely not there by accident,'' said Lynn D. Jones
''We are seeing not a history of oppression, but a history of responses to oppression, discovered through archeology.'' said Dr. Mark P. Leone

Harley M. Jones, 60, Architect Who Taught At Pratt University
Date: Aug. 22, 1996
Author:Wolfgang Saxon
Summary: A man named Harley Jones died at the age of 60. He was an architect for years and taught for 30 years at Pratt University, before retiring. He was a big influence on African American students there. He wanted to make sure they were equipped for professions in the art and design industry. Jones grew up in Brooklyn, New York, where his family was deeply rooted and had been for generations. His architecture has been seen national and abroad. He's a figure to look up to, that's probably why so many student were influenced by his. His legacy in the architectural world will never be forgotten.