The First African American Gender Change
Article Name: Who Was The First African-American Transwoman?
Author: Monica [Last Name Unknown]
Summary: This intriguing articleis about the first "negro" to have their gender changed. It was by doctors in the Johns Hopkins Program in 1966 in the city of Baltimore. He when from a man to Avon Wilson, a woman who later married a man and become a dancer in New York city. She appeared of the cover of JET magazine for the amazing feat of becoming of transwoman and becoming public about it. Among having the operation, she was the first client.
Arist: Katy Perry

Why I chose this song: I chose this song because it shows how a transexual can live no different after he became a woman. The song is about letting someone be their self and not caring what the world as to say about them.


Barbara Jordan:


Barbra Jordan was the first woman and the first African American to give the keynote address at a national covention of the Democratic Party.
Here's her giving the speech in 1976.
Here's Barbara Jordan's written speech.

Side Info:
Birth and Death:
Born: Feb. 21, 1936
Death: Jan. 17, 1996 (died at the age of 59)
Hometown: Houston, Texas
Political Party: Democrat

Barbra Jordan Quotes:
  • "The American dream is not dead.It is gasping for air, but it is not dead."
  • "One thing is clefar to me: We, as human beings, must be willing to accept people who are different from ourselves."
  • "What the people want is very simple. They an America as good as its promise."
Keep Ya Head Up
Artist: Nas

Why I chose this song: I think I took Jordan a lot of perseverance to be in such while male dominated environment. So, that's what really popped into my mind for her.


Black Aviation Pioneer Died in 1986
Articled: Albert E. Forythe, Black Aviation Pioneer, 1897-1986

Author: Miriam [Last Name Unknown]
Summary: At first, Forythe studied to be a doctor. He only become a pilot to pave the way for future generation of blacks wanting to go into the field of aviation. His first flight was from Baltimore to Los Angeles. He and he companion had nothing else but a map and a compass. Surprisingly, their flight was highly successful. The only reason they did it so risky to get more publicity out of the big stunt. And definitely that wasn't his last flight. He became well known because "negroes" were
thought of to be inferior to whites in the area of aviation. Forythe proved that theory wrong.

Still Fly
Artist: Drake

Why I chose this song: I chose it because the lyrics mention "wings" and I feel as thought it took a lot for Forythe to get to the place he was. Just like Jordan he was in a white male dominate profession and he basically was doing this so black pilots could have a way in aviation.