Dakota Foster
E Band
Feb. 15th 2011
Fig.1: Cake

Down to Zero

Title of Song: The Distance
Date/year: October 15th 1996
Musician: Cake
Why I Like This Song:
I like this song because I grew up with listening to this song in my house. The song would be played in my house all the time while we were cleaning the house. Also, I really like Cake as an artist.

Title of Article: Immigrants Tell Their New York Stories
Date: May 6th 1962
Author: Somini Sengupta
This article was about 10 different immigrants from the past and present that came to America. These immigrants compared stories about there different journeys about getting into America and why they came to America. Also, they talked about their disappointment, the battle between the freedom America stood for and the problems they ran into when they got here. These immigrants take a tour of the first tenement house made for immigrants that was turned into a museum. The tour was of the Orchard Street tenement, this where they shared their stories. Most of the immigrants lived in Lower East Side, New York but didn't even know each other. Ruth Abram, the executive director of the museum, said that "It gives us the opportunity to draw a connection between the immigration saga of the past, which we are interpreting, and the ongoing." This tenement was home in 1863, when it was built, for the German, Italian, and Eastern European immigrants until 1935, when it was boarded up.
Maxim Dolgiy, 17 years old boy, from Soviet Union wanted the freedom to skateboard. A 45 year old Dominican man named Rafael Guzman came to American as a teenager about 30 years ago. He wanted to come to New York to see the skyscrapers that he saw in Christmas cards. Susan Blanchard, a thin woman at the age of 91 and a retired garment worker from St. Lucia. And Jose Gil, 52, who left his land of Dominica Republic 30 years ago for America. The other immigrants were an Irish gay activist, an African American that came to New York to get away from the segregated South, and a high senior who came to American from China, three years ago.
What is the importance of getting immigrants to talk to other immigrants?
Does other places have this, too?