Title of Song: Rape me
Members of Nirvana
Members of Nirvana

Date/year: 1993
Musician: Nirvana
Genre: Grunge
Why I like this song: This song is an anti-rapping from the character's point of view as he was being "rape" by the media during his period as a singer. The song however is about a guy who was ended up in jail and being raped after he raped a girl. This song speaks out the perspective of a raped victim who call out for the anti-raping movement, and that has inspired me to like the song.


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Title of Article: Toni Morrison Is The '93 Winner Of Nobel Prize in Literature
Date: October 9 1993
Author: William Grimes
The article announced the winner of Nobel Prize in Literature of 1993 - Toni Morrison. Toni Morrison is the first African American, and the eighth woman to be honored in the history of the category. This news meant tremendously to the African American community. Henry Gate, Jr. - the chairman of Afro-American department at Harvard University - expressed in ecstasy "Just two centuries ago, the African American literary tradition was born in slave narratives," he said. "Now our greatest writer has won the Nobel Prize." Toni Morrison winning news, and her life experience as a female African American with less privileges became a figure to up to for next generations.


1. What is the life experience of Toni Morrison been like?
2. What work did Toni Morrison done in dedication to her community?