Who are your people? What kinds of music do they like? For this 10-20-30 project, you can interview someone who was alive 10, 20 or 30 years before you were born. What music did they like from that era -- and why?

Include a current events summary/article from each era. How does the event relate to African American history?

Fig.1: Students' 10-20-30 Pages
Drue B.
Roger B.
Anthony B.
Tyler C.
Nicholas D.
Teige D.
Sean F.
Lexus F.
Dakota F.
Matthew H.
Dejah H.
Robert J.
Tamatha L.
Maria L.
Raeven M.
DeShawn M.
Keith M.
Nicholas M.
Henry P.
Shannon P.
Goldie R.
Sarena S.
Jalen S.
Jonathan S.
Ellen T.
Bach T.
Willie W.
Taylor X.
Victoria Y.